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We are all honorable photos

We are all honorable photos

Hate speech poses serious risks to the cohesion of a democratic society, the protection of human rights and the rule of law. Combating hate speech should aim to protect individuals and groups of people rather than specific beliefs, ideologies or religions.

We are all.. honorable photos

honorable photos

An allegory, a very nice graphic tool, can summarize and sum up great events, and deliver a quick message of equal depth and severity; Therefore, I will start my article with it, and then move on to our daily story, which also carries pivotal developments, to quote a first step that counts for us, not us!

It is the story of four people whose names are as follows: “Every person, a person, anyone, and nobody.”

There was a task that had to be accomplished, and (each person) – pay close attention to these names – was asked to do it…

(Everyone) , was sure that (someone) would do it, and while (Anyone) could do the job, called No one, he paid no heed to the cause!

And it ended up that (everyone) – which means all of us – blamed (someone) – and it may be an official, civic, party or organization – when (nobody) did not accomplish what (anyone) could do!

Dear readers, in what happened days ago, (each person) of us was concerned, we have Astvzna exposure to our holy places emotionally and Iimania, but we just interact morally with this provocation, believing that (someone) will conduct a practical response to what happened,

then if us pay attention to find That (no one) dealt with the event at the required level and to the extent commensurate with the size of the issue according to capacity and energy, even though (anyone) of us could have done something, even at a minimum!

In any case, we are not going to beat ourselves up over the shortcomings that have occurred on our part. What matters to us now is for us (everyone) to wake up to put in place an executive program through which we exercise our responsibility towards these sensitive and delicate situations.

But the question that recurs within us:

With what psychology should we deal with the various dimensions of these issues in an atmosphere charged with grudges and grudges, and under pressure from media outlets that inject negative, biased and fabricated messages?!

How will we confront a one-eyed logic , which suffers from hemiplegia, schizophrenia of “values” and double standards; Where the followers of this logic respond to certain data in a sound way, then paralyze him with the same data if they come from another way?!

The truth is that the questions are difficult and complex, and the answer to them is no less complicated and confusing; Do you know why? Because it is self-evident, and because attempts to persuade with axioms and postulates are among the most difficult mental challenges!

So, I will move beyond this embarrassing situation to tell you a story entitled: (The Garbage Truck), hoping that you will find satisfactory answers.

One of them says: “ One day I got into a taxi, heading towards the airport, and while the driver was on his right lane, a speeding car appeared in front of us and suddenly, the taxi shouffer pressed the brakes hard, our car skidded, then stopped seconds before the collision.

The speeding car driver pulled his head out of the window, and headed towards us with all kinds of insults and insults, but the taxi driver smiled at him and waved at him friendly, and asked him to calm down, so I was surprised by what he did and asked him:

What are you doing? This man almost killed us with his arrogance and recklessness?! And he looked at me, and said: Many people are wandering around, like a garbage truck, carrying heaps of frustration, anger, hatred and desire for revenge, and when these rubbish piles up inside them,

they need to empty it somewhere. Their waste is with you, or something of it befalls you, and you throw it in turn on other people, at work, at home, or on the road. Doing what I set out for!

We – our dear readers – do not want garbage trucks to break into our lives and consume our energies. Rather, we have to maintain calm and reassured souls, charged with patience and faith, not a truck and provocation, driven by injustice and tyranny.

There is no doubt that our arena has been subjected to weeks of invading trucks filled with hatred, hatred, blind fanaticism and crooked logic, filling it with piles of psychological rot and racial prejudice.

By two standards, she is not controlled by instincts, she does not judge others with slander and rumours, and she does not accept being dragged or pushed into polemics that drain her energy, and deviate her from the essence of her cause.

An enlightened soul with divine shipments, it quotes guidance from its two sources (the Qur’an and the Sunnah), and does not burden the oppressed, with the force of the oppressor, and is not deceived by it without correctness or evidence in the Board of Grievances, and is not lured to side yards and forgets its straight path, which God has bestowed upon it from among worlds…

And waiting for the divine promise, and after taking into account the reasons for field victory, by adhering to the divine approach and the prophetic guidance.

We ask you, O God, for souls that are united with you and with certainty in you, do not differentiate between any of your prophets, believe in meeting you, are satisfied with your decree, are content with your giving, and are patient with your calamities, be peace to your guardians, war against your enemies,

and we ask you to make (every person) among us the messenger of your honorable messenger, and an image An honorable mention of him, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, fascinates all people, and thus, firstly, the response to the slanderers and mockers will be clear… That is our answer, and God is the One who pays and helps.

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Hate .. in “religions”

In the world there are piles of hatred and malice that must be liquidated”[1]

Hate drains the energies of human beings, peoples and civilizations, and its bitterness remains long, especially if it is based on religious and cultural ideas and visions. , uprooting and treating its effects.

The semi-annual “Adyan” magazine, in its 13th issue[2] issued by the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue , presents an approach to hatred in religious discourses, believing in the role of intellectual argument in confronting hatred and its effects, given that hatred was not born overnight.

Overnight, but as a wrong path that must be reversed. Abrahamic religions and hate Are Abrahamic religions urged to hate? The question may seem disturbing,

but the magazine sought to answer it by emphasizing that the three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, contained texts and moral values ​​that reject hatred. In Christianity it came on the tongue of the Lord Christ – peace be upon him -:

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth… Blessed are the merciful, for they have mercy.

Blessed are the peacemakers.” Christianity rejects the principle of violence and hatred. Christ – peace be upon him – says: “Put your sword in its sheath, Because everything that is taken by the sword will perish by the sword.

” Hence, Christianity was in its truth peaceful and peaceful, rejecting any aggressive behavior, even if it was for self-defense.  As for Islam, it considered all people, regardless of their different races, lineages, and environments, to be on one level of human dignity and freedom.

The Holy Qur’an urged forgiveness, tolerance, kindness, love and peace among people, urging the renunciation of hatred, and the Qur’an enjoining goodness and good treatment of the People of the Book, and the Prophetic Sunnah forbade Hatred, envy and animosity, that is, she forbade all forms of hatred.

As for Judaism, the magazine “Adyan” has detailed its position on hatred in more than one article, given that there are Jewish texts that call for the rejection of hatred, and others that contain derogation and hatred of others.

“[3] “Do not hate an Edomite[4] because he is your brother, do not hate an Egyptian because you were a guest in his land.”

Hence, Judaism demanded good treatment of foreign guests and not to hate them and enslave them, and it is noted that there is a biblical vision that encourages hatred, based on the idea of ​​choosing.

” The Lord” refers to the Jews as a holy people, and this perception made some of the Jewish texts a catalyst for hatred and religious intolerance, so a religious discourse emerged that incites hatred and violence towards the other,

but there are other texts contrary to these texts calling for respect for humans and the stranger, and dealing with them in a manner that does not nullify their humanity .

There is no doubt that the penetration of the concept of the divine choice of the Children of Israel and the rights built on it in the history of the Jewish community, has effectively contributed to the formation of the relationship of the Jewish community with others.

In terms of accepting or rejecting the other, loving or hating the other; The Jewish thought did not stop at the mere text of the Old Testament.

Rather, it became a jurisprudence in which fatwas were issued and the broad lines of considerations for dealing with others were inaugurated, as the group always considered itself to have a special status before the “God” and accordingly it was treated with a special treatment, so he easily transcends it with much ease.

Of its blunt mistakes, while other peoples are taken with the least offense.

But why did hate speech spread in the Abrahamic religions? Perhaps this is due to the belief of the people of each religion in their superiority over others,

the absence of a culture of acquaintance, and the failure to convert the origin of the difference between human beings into a conviction to accept that difference, and to establish a behavior that accepts the effects of this difference.

Hate is the source of vices, and it incites injustice and aggression.

Hate speech is one of the causes of violence and extremism, deepening divisions, and destroying social cohesion, weakening people’s loyalty and belonging to their society, to the detriment of coexistence, especially when the line between religion and hatred is absent. 

Religious hatred based on religion poses a danger and a threat to coexistence and acquaintance between societies and peoples, as its effects extend to what is political and social, especially in light of the selection of texts and their poor function, and their reading outside the overall vision governing Abrahamic religions, and away from the requirements of monotheism and divineness, which these call for.

Religions, which emphasize the importance of respecting man at all levels and beliefs, because the religious preference of these religions does not negate the recognition of human freedom of choice since the first creation of man. Characteristics of religious hate speech: Considering the self as the origin and the other as a margin.

Correcting and believing the sacred books of the self and mistaken other books. Saying that the other was created to serve us Priority of religion over religion Selection in reading the sacred texts. Cultural narratives and hate There are many cultural narratives that deepen hatred.

These narratives contain hostile content, extremist ideas, and stereotyping of the other.

They are present within most societies, and played a role in shaping and establishing the collective cultural awareness of many peoples and societies.

In Western culture, for example, there is a bleak and frightening image of The Muslim Other was made by “La Chanson de Roland” [5] as it made of it a barbaric beast hostile to civilization,

and in the Islamic reality the books of many Muslim travelers painted a stereotypical picture of many of the peoples that I talked about, an image that suggests irony, describing some of those peoples with words In it a lot of contempt, and prior to the waves of European colonialism,

some theories and books played a role in despising the other and justifying his hatred and colonization, and highlighting the discourse of colonial superiority, and those narratives devoted hatred and violence,

such as the book “Disparity between the human races” by “Arthur de Gobineau” issued in 1853, it is One of the most widely used references in racial and ethnic practices and theories centralization and exclusion of the other.

The truth is that ugliness, hybridization, and hatred of the other takes different forms and takes various ways to break up human values ​​and what is common among civilizations and cultures.

The strategies of making hatred are not temporary and transitory emotional structures, but rather they are purposeful and intended structures whose purpose is to achieve separation and schizophrenia between peoples, nations and cultures using disdain and contempt, to reach reactions.

Hostility, so temporary hatred turns into chronic hatred that cannot be cured.

Hate speech can be rejected by spreading a culture of love and peace, and spreading common human values, and as Ali bin Abi Talib says:

“People are of two types, your brother in religion or your equal in creation.”

In the vision of Islam and religions, individuals are equal in humanity, and confronting hatred with hatred leads To the increase of hatred, for hatred is faced only with love.

The great mystic Shams of Tabrizi says: “Nothing is easier than hatred, but love requires a great soul.”

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