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The heavens as a model

The heavens as a model

The amazing verses of God and the secrets of the Qur’anic use of them (the heavens as a model)


The hadith of the Noble Qur’an about the story of creation, especially the creation of the heavens and the earth, is a hadith that has been repeated in many of its great verses, and deals with many details that humans are unable to comprehend or reach; Kalhadit about the universe and the material created by the first creating it, and the order of creation, as passed with us in the verse: Say :

disbelieving in Him Who created the earth in two days and equals with Him that the Lord of the Worlds ۝ make the Roissy from above and blessed it , and as the sustenance in four days , whether Askers ۝ then turned to the sky and smoke , he said it and the land ye together voluntarily or involuntarily saying come Taiaan( [Al – separated: 9-11] .

God Almighty has denied that anyone with him has a share in witnessing this great beginning, and He, Glory be to Him, said: “I have made them witness to the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor to the creation of their selves and what they have created .” [51]

The Almighty says: Those whom you have taken as allies, apart from me, are slaves like you.

They do not possess anything, nor did they witness the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor were they at that time existing, God Almighty says: I am the independent in the creation of all things and their master and destiny alone.

Dr. Zaghloul Al-Najjar says in this sense: The issue of creation; The creation of the universe, the creation of life, and the creation of man cannot be subject to perception or direct observation by any of the jinn or human beings.

Therefore, no experimental scientist, but rather any human being, can go beyond the stage of theorizing, so a self-respecting scientist cannot say: Yes This is how the universe was created, or how the universe will perish, or how the universe will be recreated.

These issues are not subject to the direct realization of scientists, and therefore the empirical world cannot go beyond the theorizing stage.

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Heaven and Earth were joined together Almighty: )oolm the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were sewn Vvtguenihama and made from water every living thing does he not Aamnon( said [Al – Anbiya: 30] .

Among the interpretations of this verse:

“Have they not seen those who disbelieve” i.e.: those who deny His divinity and worship with Him other than Him, did they not know that God is the independent in creation, unique in the measure, so how is it appropriate for someone else to be worshiped with Him or to associate others with Him?

Did they not see:

The heavens and the earth were joined together, so We separated them”? That is:

they were all connected to each other, close together, piling on top of each other in the beginning, so he split this one from the other, and made the heavens seven and the earth seven, and separated the lowest heaven and the earth with air, so the sky rained and the earth sprouted, and for this he said:

alive, will they not then believe? That is:

while they watch the creatures, they speak little by little by eye, and all of this is evidence of the existence of the Creator, the Chosen One, who is able to do whatever He wills.

And in every thing there is a verse *** indicating that He is one “They were joined together, so we separated them.”

It was said:

The heavens were one, then seven heavens were separated from them, and the earth was one, so seven earths were split from it.

Al-Hasan and Qatadah said: They were both, so he separated them with this air.

The studies of astronomers and the universe confirm that the universe was a coherent, hot mass, then it began with a great thunderous explosion that led to the separation of the fused mass and its parts dispersed throughout space, and the temperature was very high, then it cooled and decreased, this is what the scientists arrived at after intensive and painstaking studies.


the sky is the roof of the earth God made the sky a ceiling of the earth, God prepared her for His slaves, and make it into a lesson and place of management and think of the faithful worshipers of God, the Almighty said: )

an in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of night and day are signs for men of understanding ۝ who remember Allah standing, sitting and lying on their sides and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth , our Lord what You created this in vain, Glory be to You, save us from the torment of the Fire.” [Surat Al Imran: 190-191] .


Lifting the heavens without pillars God Almighty said: )allah , who raised the heavens without visible , then turned on the throne , and subjected the sun and the moon is named for plotting it separates the verses that you may meet your Lord Toguenon ۝ who spread out the earth which make Roissy and rivers and all fruits make the two couples covereth the night the day Indeed in that there are signs for a people who reflect.” (Surat Ar-Ra’d: 2-3).

He says: )khalq the heavens without visible and threw the earth lest it should shake with you and transmit them from every creature and sent down water from the sky charted where each pair cream ۝ This created What God who created without him , but the wrongdoers astray Mban( [Luqman : 10-11] .

The commentators mentioned two interpretations of the verses related to intentionality. Some of them have proven that the heavens have pillars, but they are not seen, so the meaning of the verse is:

God who raised the heavens without visible pillars, by making the phrase “you see them” an adjective “intentional”, and the pronoun refers to “column”.

And some of them held that the heavens do not have pillars at all, and the meaning of the verse is:

God who raised the heavens as you see them without pillars, by making the phrase “you see” a state from the heavens, and with the return of the pronounto the heavens.

Contemporary astronomers tend to the first explanation; They say:

All the heavenly bodies were built by the Creator, the Mighty and Sublime, and He made every body a brick of a lofty building, and He raised all these bodies one on top of the other with forces that are the type of centrifugal force,

and at the same time linked them to the bond of high gravitation, and gravity is equivalent to the centrifugal forces caused by About the cycles in semi-circular paths, or ellipses, which are like the columns already erected,

although we see them with our own eyes, this does not mean that these columns do not exist in any way, we can imagine them in the field of every material body, and perhaps if one of us is given a sense In addition to our senses, he can see or feel these pillars, just as we perceive with our normal senses any physical or ordinary body.

Dr. Zaghloul Al-Najjar says: Cosmic studies indicate the existence of hidden forces in the primary building block of matter, and in each of the atoms and molecules, and in all the heavenly bodies.

Scientists in both the earth and the sky have four images that are believed to be multiple aspects of a single great power that runs in the various aspects of the universe to bind it with a close bond. Otherwise, its knots will break. These forces are:

the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, the electric force (magnetic and electromagnetic), and the gravitational force.

These four forces are the hidden pillars upon which the building of the heavens and the earth is based, and scientists have realized them through their apparent and hidden effects in all the perceptible things of the universe.

Astronomers, astrophysicists and theorists believe that these four forces must meet in one form of force that represents the unity of construction in this The universe, and God the Creator bears witness to the absolute oneness above all of his creation.


To prevent the sky from falling to the ground The Almighty: )olm seen that God has subjected to you what the earth and astronomy taking place in the sea by His command and holds the sky to fall on the ground only with his permission that the people of God Rauf Rahim( said [Al – Hajj: 65] .

And here “Have you not seen” that is: did you not see with your eyes and heart the abundant grace of your Lord and His wide hands?

“God has made subservient to you all that is on the earth” of animals, plants and inanimate objects, so all that is on the earth is subjugated to the children of Adam; Its animals are for riding, carrying, working, eating and benefiting from it, and its trees and fruits for food, and has been empowered to plant and exploit them, and its minerals to extract and benefit from.

“And the ship” i.e.: He made the ships subservient, and they are ships, “running in the sea by His command”:

they carry you and carry your trade, and they take you from one place to another, and you extract from the sea ornaments that you wear, and from His mercy on you is that:

“And he holds the sky from falling on the earth” had it not been for his mercy and power. fell to heaven on earth, what Vtlv them, and perished in which: )an God holds the heavens and the earth to Tuzla : and if they Omskhma from the one after him that he was meek Ghafoora( [Fatir: 41].

God is merciful to people .” God has subjugated what is in the earth to this man, so He made its laws compatible with his nature and his energies.

The laws in which the stars and planets remain raised far apart, and do not fall and do not collide with each other, and God Almighty is the one who established the law regulating the existing situation, and God Almighty “holds the sky from falling on the earth,” does that law that works in it, and he is of his making, “except for by His permission.”

And that is the day when the law, which he makes for a reason, will be nullified, and he also breaks it for a reason .

And God created the heavens in a beautiful and beautiful shape and adorned them with stars and planets to give great consideration to them and contemplation of their creation .

God Almighty told about the creation of the heavens and the greatness of their vastness and their height, and that they are of the utmost beauty and splendor and perfection and splendor, the Almighty said: (And the heaven is woven by love ) [Surat Al-Dhariyat: 7] , meaning: good character.

And the Almighty said: “Return the sight, do you see it from breakfast, then return the sight two times, and it will be transformed into you blindness” [Al- Busura : 3-4] . i.e., he is sorry that he sees in it a deficiency or a defect, and he is sad, i.e. a weak faint, and if he looked until he became conscious, tired and weak, he would not have seen any deficiency or defect in it.

Because the Almighty has perfected its creation, and has adorned its horizon with the stars, as He said: “And the sky with constellations” [Al-Buruj:1], meaning:

the stars, and it was said: the places of the guard from which shooting meteors are for the over-hearing, and there is no contradiction between the two sayings. He says: )

okadd made in heaven Brouja and beautified the beholders ۝ and Hfeznaha of every demon Rgim( [Al – stone: 16-17] , stated that Zain in sight planetary constants and cars, the sun, moon and stars Alzahrat, and that thieves possess about demons solutions to them,

which is the meaning of “The Hfeznaha of every devil”, as the Almighty: )ana Xena heaven adornment planets ۝ and preserved from all the giant demon ۝ do not listen to the Pleroma he said , and threw all Janb( [Al Saaffaat: 6-8] .

Glory be to the great creator, who was created and decreed, and guided.

He created the heavens of greatness and majesty with what is neither surrounded by description nor perceptible to sense, for they are one of the great and great creations of God, and God created in them from the creatures that only God Almighty knows, and in them are the honorable angels that only God Almighty knows, and what suffices in that.

It was narrated by Al-Bukhari, may God have mercy on him, in the hadith of Al-Miraj; That the Prophet, peace be upon himHe said:

(…Then the al-Bayt al-Ma’mur was raised for me, so I asked Gabriel, and he said: This is al-Bayt al-Ma’mur. Seventy thousand angels pray in it every day.

If this was from the beginning of creation, then Glory to God the Great, how many angels of God over the greatness of their creation? And how wide are these great heavens that the blessings and peace of God be upon them assimilated, and it came in another hadith:

(The sky is wide, and it has the right to trample, there is not the place of four fingers in it except for an angel prostrating upon him…) Other God’s creatures that only he knows?

It is sufficient for one who contemplates to contemplate the hadith of the Ascension, and what was revealed to the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, of the creations in the sky.

It is a wonderful creation of the heavens and the earth, its beautiful blue color. Ibn Al -Qayyim, may God have mercy on him, said:

Then contemplate what this color has been placed on, which is the best of colors and the most compatible with the sight and strengthening it, to the extent that whoever is afflicted by something that harms his eyesight is commanded to be addicted to looking at greenery and what brings it close to black.

To catch the changing eyes in it and not to fall into it as long as it is direct to him.

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