Scientific Miracles in Quran

Scientific Miracles in Quran


Scientific Miracles in Quran

• What is meant by the scientific miracle of the Qur’an?

What is meant by the scientific miracles of the Qur’an is to tell it about scientific facts that were not known to humanity on the day the Qur’an was revealed to our Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, and science did not discover these facts until our present time.

This scientific miracle is also evidence that Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, is a messenger from God Almighty, and that what he uttered of scientific facts – that Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, was illiterate, did not read or write – is clear evidence of the truth of his prophethood.

• Koran the word of God really:) and that one of the infidels Astjark even hear the word whore God then told him they are a people that is secured do not know ([repentance: 6].

The Holy Qur’an has dealt, in about seven hundred and fifty verses, to issues that are at the core of science, and mentioned some of the scientific facts, as general issues, and entered into the details of some other facts,

and these verses are in total one of the aspects of the miracles of the Qur’an that appeared in this era, which In it, individuals and groups believe in science, and peoples are measured by the sciences and inventions they have achieved.

It is well known that the Qur’an is not a book of medicine, engineering, agriculture, or other experimental sciences. However, it contains some of these sciences.

To be evidence that the Qur’an is the word of God Almighty, revealed to His servant and Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him.

God has created and taught man, and revealed the Noble Qur’an to His servant and Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and told the Glory that He will reveal to the people in general and to scholars in particular the truth of the clear verses in this Qur’an to be evidence of the sincerity of the message of our Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him.

God Almighty said: “ We will show them Our signs on the horizons and in themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth or is it not withheld. ” [Al-Fassal: 53]

The verses that God will show to His servants are not limited to one period of time, nor to one generation of the mountains. Rather, they include all times and all generations, in a clear indication that the Holy Qur’an is a truth from God Almighty; (Sharia Journal – Issue 35 pg. 29: 26).

The importance of scientific miracles at the present time:

Many people today need scientific persuasion; so that their Islam may be completed and their hearts reassured; As the sciences advanced in it, a progress that astonished many people, and shook the beliefs of the weak of faith,

and these people thought that the mind had become capable of everything, and it was worthy of these people to increase their certainty in God Almighty through these discoveries; Knowledge is only one of the important means that deepens faith in God Almighty.

The Almighty said: “ We will show them Our signs on the horizons and in themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth ” [Fussilat: 53].

Contemporary man today is in dire need of religious certainty that restores his lost unity, lost happiness, and stolen security.

As long as conviction based on scientific facts is today one of the most effective convictions to verify this certainty , and as long as the Qur’an gives us this miraculous amount of these facts that are emerging every day – why not move in the light of the scientific miracle found in the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah to save this human being Contemporary crisis of the loss of certainty?

Faith today is not based on mere assumption, guesswork, or imitation, but is also based on persuasion based on science.

Science is the language that the people of today understand, and if Europe has made tremendous progress in the field of experimental sciences, it is difficult for us Muslims to catch up with them.

That Islam spoke of these scientific facts fourteen centuries ago, and other evidences remain in the Qur’an and Sunnah, whose secrets science is still unable to discover, and the day will come when science will reveal them, God Almighty; (Sharia Journal – Issue – 35 – pg. 42).

We will talk about the scientific miracles in the Qur’an very briefly.

(1) The unity of the universe:

Modern scientific theories say that the Earth was part of the solar system, then separated from it, cooled and became habitable for humans.

This modern theory is consistent with what referred to in the Qur’an as saying would Gel:) Have not those who disbelieve that the heavens and the earth were sewn Vvtguenihama and made from water every living thing do you not believe in ([prophets: 30].

Al-Raqq: fusion and fusion.

Hernia: the separation between two things; (Al-Tibayan fi Al-‘Ulum Al-Quran by Al-Sabouni, pg. 127: p. 128).

(2) Origin of the universe:

Astronomer Jeans says:

The matter of the universe began as a gas circulating regularly through space, and astronomical groups were created from the condensation of this gas.

Dr. Jumbo says: The universe in its infancy was filled with a uniformly distributed gas, and from it the formation processes of the Earth took place.

We find support for this theory in the Noble Qur’an, and had it not been for the Qur’an telling about it, we would have excluded this theory; God Almighty says:

) , Then turned to the sky and smoke , and said it and the land voluntarily or ye together loth (separated: 11] .

The Qur’an depicted the source of the creation of this universe ( with smoke ), which is something that the Arabs understand from tangible things. Would it be possible for my mother, fourteen centuries ago, to realize this at a time when people did not know anything about this universe and its secrets?!

(Al-Tibayan fi Al-‘Ulum Al-Quran by Al-Sabouni, p. 128: p. 129).

(3) Earth Shape:

The rotation of the earth is miraculously pronounced from the expression:

rounding the night over the day. It is known that the earth is not a perfectly round sphere, but rather an oval.

On the other hand, modern science has proven that the ratio between the two diameters of the earth is steadily decreasing, which is what is referred to in the Qur’an as the lack of the earth from its edges ; Almighty) said , but they and their parents comfort through long until they age do you not see I come from the land Nnqsa parties understand the victors ([prophets: 44].

Almighty) said the creation of the heavens and the earth liqueurs night on the day and liqueurs the day on the night and has subjected the sun and the moon is named for is not Aziz Ghaffar ([Cliques: 5]; (The Scout of the Scientific Miracles of Dr. Nabil Haroun, pg. 42).

(4) Earth Movement:

Numerous verses refer – with accurate depictions – to the continuous movement of the Earth in its rotation around itself; Such as the talk about the night and the day (al-Takwir linguistically: to twist and turn), and the talk about the night from which the day is frayed; That is:

it arises from it little by little with the movement of the earth, as well as the verse that combines night and day with both the sun and the moon in talking about the rotation and swimming in the celestial bodies, each in his orbit, and seeking night and day incessantly.

the earth; For every moment there is a new place on the globe on which the sun rises, and another from which it sets!

God Almighty said:) and bequeathed the people who were Astdafon all over the world , which has blessed us and where thy Lord Most Beautiful on the children of Israel , including patient and destroyed what was made Pharaoh and his people , and they erect ([custom: 137].

And the Almighty said: “And it is He who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, each swimming in an orbit” (Al-Anbiya: 33). (Checkout the scientific miracles of Dr. Nabil Haroun pg. 23: pg. 24).

(5) Mountains stabilize the earth:

The Almighty said: “ And he cast on the earth firm rocks, lest it should spread with you” (Luqman: 10).

These verses show us the role of mountains in relation to the earth; God made them stabilizers so that they would not be disturbed; They are like pegs that hold the tent from turbulence and falling .

The scholars have noticed that the extension of the mountains in the ground exceeds their height above its surface, which enables these mountains to play their role in stabilizing the earth, just as the pegs stabilize the tent; (Sharia Journal – Issue 35 – pg. 34).

(6) Sun:

Modern science has discovered the miraculous truthfulness of the verses of the Noble Qur’an that describe the sun with the characteristics of hotness in which the ancient commentators:

being a blazing, blazing lamp, the temperature of which is estimated at thousands of degrees compared to the cold luminous moon whose role is limited to the role of a reflecting mirror ,

as the Qur’an indicated to its continuous movement in a specific direction (stable It has a speed of 1500 kilometers per second) relative to the surrounding stars in the direction of the so-called constellation Al-Jathi, which is located in a region inclined about 10 degrees to the southwest of the bright star called Eagle.

God Almighty said: “ Blessed is He who made constellations in the sky and placed therein a lamp and a shining moon ” [Al-Furqan: 61].

And He, Glory be to Him, said: “And the sun runs for its rest. That is the decree of the Mighty, the All-Knowing ” [Ya-Sin: 38].

He said the bulk would: ) and built above you seven Hdada * and made light a lamp and Haga ( [news: 12 and 13]; (Checkout the scientific miracles of Dr. / Nabil Haroun, pg. 43).

(7) Moon:

Among the miracles of the Qur’an in astronomical sciences is its treatment of the facts that have been discovered in the modern era about the moon:

that it is a cold body that reflects light, unlike the case of the sun’s lamp, and its size is smaller than the sun, despite what appears to the viewer of its largeness, its apparent shape to us, which changes from a crescent to Badr according to his relative positions (houses) of the sun and moon.

God Almighty said:) is the one who made the sun and the moon Zia light and the amount of homes to know the number of years and the account of God ‘s creation is only right separates the verses for people who know ([Yunus: 5].

And He, the Most High, said: “ And We have ordained the moon for mansions, until it returned like the ancient lizard.” (Ya- Sin : 39).

God Almighty said: “And He made the moon in them a light, and He made the sun a lamp ” [Noah: 16]; (Checkout the scientific miracles of Dr. Nabil Haroun pg. 54: pg. 55).

(8) Night and Day:

Sleep is one of the signs of God Almighty in His creation, God blesses God by making the night a calm and natural time for sleep, and confirms this in several verses, and modern medicine has shown that the nervous system is divided into two parts: the parasympathetic:

which works at night and brings calm and tranquility, and calms blood pressure and heart palpitations, It works to store energy, while the parasympathetic is active during the day and is responsible for activity, movement and energy consumption.

Blood pressure rises with it, tension and palpitations increase; So God’s guidance has always been the instinct, does he not know who he created?

The Almighty said: {It is He who made the night for you to rest in it, and the day giving sight. Indeed, in that are signs for the people of Yunus } [Yasin : 67]. (Checkout the scientific miracles of Dr. / Nabil Haroun, pg. 62).

(9) Meteors:

God Almighty said: ) and I have seen the sky Fujdnaha filled with strong guards and Shahba * and I were benches to sit them heard it listens now finds his flare monitoring ( [Gin: 8 and 9].

In a miraculous scientific accuracy, the Qur’an reveals the reality of meteors, which humans have only recently realized, and that they result from the rapid movement of material bodies through the space surrounding the earth, “ Except for the one who snatched the snatch and a piercing meteor followed him.

” [As-Saffat pointed out: 10] The amazing: space is filled with meteors, so it is estimated that thousands of millions of meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere daily at a speed of up to 72 kilometers per second (for meteors weighing 1 milligram), and they can only be seen with a telescope, and quickly turn into steam by friction with the air, and from them as well what is seen with the naked eye; (Checkout the scientific miracles of Dr. / Nabil Haroun, p. 44).

(10) Lack of oxygen in the upper layers of the atmosphere:

Modern science has discovered the lack of oxygen in the layers of the atmosphere the higher we go up; At that, the person feels tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing; He says:) It is God to guide him explain his chest to Islam and given that leads him astray makes a narrow chest , as if embarrassed up in the sky ([cattle: 125]; (Al-Tibyan – by Al-Sabouni, p. 130).

(11) Dividing the atom:

Until the nineteenth century, scientists believed that the smallest part of the elements was the atom. Then they discovered that the atom contains smaller component parts: 1- the proton, 2- the neutron, 3- the electron, and through these parts they invented the atomic and hydrogen bomb.

The Almighty said: “ And not an atom’s weight escapes from your Lord on the earth or in the heavens, nor is it smaller than that .” (Al-Tibyan for Al-Sabouni, pg. 129).

(12) Equilibrium Phenomenon:

Science has revealed that the phenomenon of precise equilibrium governs the behavior of various natural, chemical and biological systems, and that animal kingdoms, whether they are land, sea, birds and insects, are governed by precise balances that link them to weather, geological and plant phenomena,

and this equilibrium is also found in the composition of the human body so that it leads Imbalance of any component of its composition leads to a person’s ill health, and this balance is summed up with complete accuracy by the clear signs of God. Allah says:

(1) “ God knows what every female bears and what the wombs change and what increases, and everything is with Him. ” [Al- Baqam : 8]

(2) “ And there is not a thing but its treasuries with us, and We do not send it down except with a known measure ” [Al-Hijr: 21].

(3) )And We send down water from the sky with a measure, then We made it dwell on the earth, and we are going to go with it, we are able to do it : (18) (Checkout the scientific miracles of Nabil Haroun, p. 11).

(13) Marriage is present in everything:

Scientists used to believe that marriage ( male and female ) does not exist except in the human and animal species, so modern science has proven that marriage is found in plants, as well as inanimate matter, and in every atom of the universe,

even electricity, in which there are positive and negative, and even the atom contains the proton and neutron; The Almighty said: { And of everything We created pairs, that you may remember } [Al-Dhariyat: 49]; (Al-Tibyaan by Al-Sabouni pg. 131: 130).

(14) Life Cycle:

Every living thing, animal or plant, has a life cycle in which it interacts with soil, water, air, and other organisms; So contemplate the eloquent references to the coming out of the living from the dead, and to the creation and repetition,

as modern sciences have proven that the life cycle in man is also linked to the cycle of the elements surrounding him, from the earth from whose elements man is formed,

and its product is nourished, and interacts with it by giving and taking in the processes of breathing, food and excretion. And the renewal of cells throughout his life, and then decompose after his death.

The Almighty said: “You bring the night into the day, and you bring the day into the night, and You bring the living out of the dead, and You bring forth the dead .”

The Almighty said: “He brings the living out of the dead, and He brings out the dead from the living, and revives the earth after its death ” [Kathal: 19] (Checkout the scientific miracles of Dr. Nabil Haroun pg. 29: pg. 30).

(15) Seas and Oceans Floor:

Proven modern research using telescopes accurate that the depths of the seas and oceans is not static, but the ripple waves and currents darker and denser than its surface , and the sincerity of Almighty God says:)

or Kzlmat in a sea ing covered by waves above it waves from above clouds of darkness on each other if his hand was He can hardly see it, and for him for whom God has not given light, he has no light (An-Nur: 40). (Checkout the scientific miracles of Nabil Haroun pg. 13).

(16) Salt water does not mix with fresh water:

God Almighty said: “And it is He who spreads the two seas, this sweet sweetness, and this is salt full of sweetness, and He made between them sweet sweetness ” [ Ar-Rujdan 53]

Modern science has proven the impossibility of mixing sea water with river water, otherwise it is brine salt, thanks to the property of membrane (osmotic) diffusion that pushes fresh water molecules to spread within salt water, and not vice versa, across the surface separating them (barrier or isthmus), and in this regard, It is also worth noting the miracle of keeping seas and oceans water free from freezing.

As the frozen snow floats on top of it to keep the rest of the water from freezing, and to preserve the life of fish and marine life, and for navigation to continue in it,

and this is due to a feature that God gave water to the exclusion of all other materials; that its density decreases (it does not increase like others) by freezing (the density of ice is less than the density of liquid water); (Checkout the scientific miracles of Dr. / Nabil Haroun pg. 63: pg 64).

(17) Pollination by wind:

Modern science has proven that air is what transmits the masculine organs to the feminine in palms, figs and other fruit trees, by means of the wind. The Almighty said: {And We sent fertilizing winds, then We sent down water from the sky, and We gave you drink of it . (Al-Tibyan for Al-Sabouni, pg. 132).

(18) the clouds:

Modern science has revealed that some of them are positive for electrification, and some are negative, and when the wind pushes them and collects them together, a spark is generated that leads to lightning, thunder and rain, which is consistent with the wording of the Noble Qur’an.

God Almighty said:) Have you not seen that God Extends clouds , and then compose himself and then makes it ruins you see the rain come through it and come down from the sky from the mountains where the cold afflicts him whom He will spend about whom he is almost not Burka goes Balobesar ([Nur: 43]; (The Scouts of the Scientific Miracles of Nabil Haroun, p. 36).

(19) Solar and Lunar Calendar:

The difference between the lunar and solar calendars is 10-11 days per year .

Hence, three hundred solar years are exactly equivalent to three hundred and nine lunar years. Hence, the accuracy of the Qur’anic expression is evident in the story of the people of the cave ; God Almighty said:

“And they stayed in their cave for three hundred years, and they increased to nine ” [Al-Kahf: 25]; (Checkout the scientific miracles of Nabil Haroun, pg. 16).

(20) Agricultural Soil:

Geological facts accurate: that the clay soil static if afflicted with water is determined to the top of the crack, Vehtz bottom and moves the roots of the plant and Sairath, see precision miracle match it with a description of the verse:) earth lifeless and see if sent down by the water , shaken and fondle and brought forth from each pair joyful ( [Al-Hajj: 5]; (The Scouts of the Scientific Miracles of Nabil Haroun, p. 34).

(21) Sperm:

Modern medicine has discovered that this fluid from human semen contains small animals called ( sperm ), which are not seen with the naked eye, but are seen with a microscope, and each animal has a head, neck and tail similar to a leech worm in its shape and drawing,

and that this animal mixes with the female egg and fertilizes it, If the vaccination is completed, the cervix will close, and nothing will enter the uterus after it.

As for the rest of the animals, they will die, and this scientific aspect – which is that the sperm resemble leeches in shape and drawing – has been proven by the Holy Qur’an.

The Almighty said: “ Read in the name of your Lord who created * He created man from a clot of blood ” [Al-Alaq: 1, 2].

This verse is an eloquent miracle of the miracles of the Qur’an. It did not appear at the time of its revelation or hundreds of years after it, until he discovered the microscope and knew how man is formed by the power of God. (Al-Tibayan fi Al-Ulum Al-Quran by Al-Sabouni, pg. 132).

(22) Fetal development stages:

God Almighty said:) O people , if you are in doubt of the Baath I created you from dust , then from the sperm and then leech then chew synthetic and non – synthetic to show you and acknowledge in the wombs what we want to order indefinitely and then Nkrjkm children then tell Ohdkm ([Hajj: 5].

One of the most eloquent and dazzling verses of God in his Noble Book:

That accurate anatomical description of the stages of the formation of the fetus since it was a sperm, which developed into a clot, then an embryo, made and not, then the emergence of bones and their covering with flesh until the beginnings of movement and life before going out into the world; (Checkout the scientific miracles of Dr. Nabil Haroun pg. 19: pg. 20).

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(23) Duration of pregnancy:

The Almighty said: “ Mothers shall breastfeed their children for two full years, for whoever wants to complete the breastfeeding ” [Al-Baqarah: 233].

And His saying, Exalted be He : “And his weaning is in two years” (Luqman: 14).

Then came the verse of Surat Al-Ahqaf that combines pregnancy and breastfeeding for thirty months. The Almighty said: “ His mother carried him under duress and gave birth under compulsion, and his pregnancy and weaning are thirty months ” [Al-Ahqaf: 15].

If we omit the full breastfeeding period, which is two years, i.e.: 24 months out of thirty months, which is the duration of pregnancy and breastfeeding together, then there remains six months for pregnancy, which is the minimum period for pregnancy, the fetus can remain alive if it is born completely.

And science comes to decide: that the minimum period of pregnancy after which the fetus can remain alive if it is born completely, is six months; Since the birth before it is called ( projection ), the embryo at this stage is not viable alive, and the birth then, before fully pregnancy for nine months,

they are called ( preterm ), or premature birth, and prematurity viable alive, but medicine recommend carefully its own, This period is considered legal in the courts of most international countries. (Sharia Journal – Issue 35 p. 35: p. 36).

(24) Fetal Membranes:

It has been scientifically proven that the fetus in its mother’s womb is surrounded by three membranes, and these membranes appear to the naked eye as if they were one membrane, and these membranes are what are called:

1 – Al – Manbari.

2 – Khorbon.

3 – surplus.

The Almighty said: “He creates you in your mothers’ wombs, creation after creation in three darknesses .” (Al-Tibyaan by Al-Sabouni pg. 132: 131).

(25) The type of newborn:

Modern genetics has proven that the gender of the newborn is determined mainly from the sperm, not from the egg, and this agrees with the context of the verses in a way that confirms its miraculousness . The Almighty said: “ Was there not a sperm from the semen of the right * then it was a clot and then created and then made a perfect fit * and made of it the husband and wife. ” [Al-Thin: 37]

On the other hand, the association of the sex of the newborn with a specific animal among the millions of animals (350 million in its ejaculation) cuts off the impossibility of human prediction – let alone controlling – about the sex of a sperm borne by a female, which confirms the impotence of science,

and the miraculous ability of God Almighty, who singled himself out to know what he averts The wombs in more than one verse; (Checkout the scientific miracles of Dr. Nabil Haroun pg. 67: 66).

(26) Genetic Traits:

Modern science has proven that genetic traits are determined by both the father’s chromosomes and the mother’s chromosomes, 50% of each, and this is done in the first sperm that combines the sperm and the egg (the gamete sperm ); ie: mixture;

As the genes of the new creature are formed in corroboration of the noble verse, we have previously referred to the miracle of the Qur’an in indicating that the sex of the newborn is excluding all other characteristics that are uniquely determined by sperm alone.

God Almighty said: {Indeed, We created man from a mixed sperm-drop, so that We might try him, so We made him hearing and seeing} [ Al-Insan : 2]; (Checkout the scientific miracles of Dr. Nabil Haroun pg. 71: pg. 72).

(27) Every person has a special smell:

Modern forensic medicine has shown that every human has a distinct smell from other humans, just like fingerprints, and from here police dogs are used to track criminals, and this is fully consistent with what was stated in Surat Yusuf that God Almighty had singled out His Prophet Jacob with this dignity.

God Almighty says: “ And when I separated the caravan, their father said, ‘I would not find the scent of Joseph, if it were not for you to refute them’ ” [Yusuf: 94]; (Checkout the scientific miracles of Nabil Haroun, p. 31).

(28) Each person has his own fingerprints:

Modern science has proven that the fingerprints of a human being are not similar to the fingerprints of another human being. Therefore, scientists have used these fingerprints to detect the perpetrators.

The Almighty said: “ Yes, we are able to make his children equal ” [Al-Qiyamah: 4] ; (Al-Tibyaan by Al-Sabouni pg. 133: 132).

(29) Al-Ain:

Ophthalmology discovered the relationship of emotion to increased intraocular pressure and cataract disease, which is completely consistent with the Holy Qur’an in its description of Jacob, peace be upon him. God Almighty said: “And he turned away from them and said, ‘Sorry for Joseph,’ and his eyes became white from grief, for he is oppressive. ” [Yusuf: 84] (The Scouts of the Scientific Miracles of Nabil Haroun, pg. 52).

(30) The damages of long sleep:

Modern medicine has proven that prolonged sleep leads to bed sores, blockage of blood vessels, and pressure on the nerves of the feet. Hence, the miracle of the Qur’an appeared in turning the people of the cave during their long sleep; Almighty) said ,

and counted by while they were asleep and awake Nqlbhm right and on the north and their dog stretched forth his arms Balusid had seen them for them to escape and Olbia filled them terrifying (Cave: 18]; (The Scouts of the Scientific Miracles of Nabil Haroun, p. 71).

(31) Wet:

In modern obstetrics, the pregnant woman is given in the late days of pregnancy a female hormone to strengthen the contractions of the uterus at birth, then to help it expel the remnants of blood from the uterus. It is also given a laxative to expel intestinal waste .

Modern science has proven that wetness performs these two functions in addition to its high nutritional value. God Almighty said:

“ And when the trunk of the palm tree is shaken to you, it will fall on you with fresh wetness ” [Maryam: 25]; (The Scouts of the Scientific Miracles of Nabil Haroun, p. 33).

(32) olives:

Science has shown the advantages of olive oil that make it the best fat for human food. For its nutritional value with low cholesterol, in addition to its benefits for the skin and hair, God Almighty mentioned it in many verses of the Qur’an even though it is not one of the common trees in the Arabian Peninsula.

The Almighty said: “With it He grows for you the crops, the olives, the palms, the vines, and of all the fruits, verily in that there is a law ” [The Qur’an: 11]. (The Scouts of the Scientific Miracles of Nabil Haroun, p. 35).

(33) Honey bee:

God Almighty said: ) and your Lord inspired the bees to Atakve of homes in the mountains and in the trees and what they erect * Then eat of all the fruits and follow the ways of your Lord made easy come out of their bellies , the colors of various syrup wherein is healing for people in this is a sign for those who reflect ( [Bees: 68.69 ].

Science came today to reveal the healing properties of honey, and the doctors came out with a conclusion: that honey has a cure for many diseases: such as eye pain, wounds and burns, and stomach ulcers, and it plays a role in preventing tooth decay, respiratory infections, and other diseases.

Doctors agree that honey is the best treatment for people with stomach and duodenal ulcers, to be taken an hour or more before meals, and the best time is before breakfast, dissolved in a cup of warm water, and other properties that have been tested in different ages.

It should be known that the healing property of honey varies according to its color; That is why the Qur’anic expression came: “There comes out of their bellies a drink of different colors” (An-Nahl: 69).

There is a relationship between the difference in color and the ability to heal; (Sharia Journal, Issue – 35 – pg. 38: 37).

(34) Milk:

God the Most High said: “ And there is a lesson for you in the cattle : We give you to drink of what is in their bellies, between the droppings and the blood of a man. ” [Al-Nahl: 66]

Consider the miraculousness of accuracy in the physiological and anatomical description of the source of milk in cattle, which science confirmed after many centuries of wise revelation. The products of digestion in cattle are distributed between: blood to the veins, milk to the udders, urine to the bladder, and dung to the exit; (Checkout the scientific miracles of Dr. / Nabil Haroun, pg. 59).

(35) Impossibility to cure leprosy:

Dermatology has proven the impossibility of treating albinism; Because it is associated with the death of millions of cells, which are impossible to resurrect, and all that doctors do is activate the remaining cells to ease the matter, not cure it, and from here the healing of lepers in the exhibition of miracles that God Almighty performed at the hands of His Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, is clear evidence of the sincerity of The Quran.

God Almighty said:) , as Allah said : O Jesus the son of Mary , remember my grace on you and your mother as Oidtk the Holy Spirit people spoke in the cradle and the Kahala Taking taught you the Book and Wisdom and the Torah and the Bible While creating a clay body bird ears Vtnfaj which shall be birds ears

and acquit the blind and the leper ears Taking out The dead were by My permission, and when I withheld the Children of Israel from you, when I came to them with clear proofs.

So those who disbelieved said : (Checkout the scientific miracles of Nabil Haroun pg. 13).

(36) Pig is a cause of many diseases:

God Almighty said:) but forbidden to you dead, blood and pork and what the people of God is doing it is forced Bagh is not returned, Allah is Forgiving , Merciful ([Bees: 115].

Modern medicine has proven that pork is a fertile breeding ground for more than four hundred and fifty epidemic diseases, and the pig plays the role of mediator in transmitting fifty seven diseases to humans .


And our last prayer is that praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds .

And may God’s peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions, and those who follow them in goodness until the Day of Judgment.

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