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Fee and Schedule Plan

We are accepting the online Quran learning fees in three currencies now: USD

If you are not in these three, you can still ask us the options of fees for you as well.  You can choose the following schedules or a customized schedule as well which is not mentioned here. Weekends classes are possible as well with the same rate ratio.


Expert Tutors:

Our Teachers Are Native Arabic Speakers and Accredited Within Al-Azhar Community for Igaza and Tajweed.

Choose your best suited per week plan below and then go for the free trial lesson for that. You can choose any of the following plans.

Quran & Arabic Learning Clasess Fees


$9.5 $ 7 99
Per Hour

A minimum of 170 hours for a first level course. Time is flexible based on expertise level.

  • Reading & Writing
  • Listening & Speaking
  • Vocabulary & Grammar


$9.5 $ 7 99
Per Hour

A minimum of 140 hours for a first level course. Time is flexible based on expertise level.

  • Understand Quran
  • Quran Recitation
  • Quran Memorization

Islamic studies

$9.5 $ 7 99
Per Hour

A minimum of 170 hours for a first level course. Time is flexible based on expertise level.

  • Fiqh & Creed
  • Life of The Prophet
  • Islamic History

All in one
"Every Muslim"

$8.5 $ 6 99
Per Hour

Get all three programs in ONE and enjoy a Special Discount on all courses. Time is always flexible!

  • Learn Arabic
  • Learn Quran
  • Islamic Studies



1-Please, choose your suitable study plan below and then click on Contact us button to register for the free trial lessons. 

2-Study Fees:  For Automatic Subscription is done Monthly on the day of Registration (pleas, do not subscribe before taking the trial lesson – you should attend a trial lesson first).

3-Children can share one class and parents just pay for one child only. Even a parent and a child can share the class with no extra fee.

4-Note: these prices include all courses and programs. Students can choose one of the following study plans for the Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies courses. We have 15 study plans from {A : O} to suit each family’s schedule.

5- The regular study hour rate is Only $7.99 USD instead of $8.99

Weekends classes are also possible with the same rate ratio. And If you wish to have a customized plan, please let us know.

house of allah, mecca, mosque-2217864.jpg

Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world and it has almost 300 million native speakers. It is therefore no surprise that learning Arabic represents a major opportunity for the rest of us. Learning a foreign language is always an asset, but with one as wide spread as Arabic, anyone who can speak this Semitic language adds a string to their bow when applying for jobs, not to mention the benefits for travel lovers who visit Arabic speaking countries.

What’s more, learning Arabic opens the door to a fascinating culture, full of rich history and unknown contributions to our modern society. Perhaps you want to visit the pyramids in Egypt, or visit the Islamic holy city of Meccca in Saudi Arabia. Or maybe you simply want to wonder through the bustling markets of Marrakesh and experience its authentic Arab culture. Whatever your desire is, learning Arabic will come in handy in a wide range of situations.

So you have decided to take an intensive Arabic course to try and learn Arabic quickly. So you do some research and you discover that there are several different dialects that you could learn, as well as Modern Standard Arabic (also know as Literary Arabic or Classical Arabic). Confusing right?

But don’t fear, there is plenty of information online which can help you decide what type of Arabic to learn. What you need to be careful with after having decided, is the financial aspect.

  • How much does it cost ? What is the price of an Arabic course?
  • Can you learn Arabic on a small budget?
  • Are there any free options available?